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Posted on 18 October 2016

REFCA Group Australian First saving 60% on running costs

Industry experience and a abaility to think out side the square has been the reason REFCA Group Pty Ltd has beed able not only to save 60% on running costs but has also changed the way the wine making process and now has been implemented in several other wineries throughout the Hunter Valley wine region.


MagLev Chiller in Winery
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
First Creek Winery, a vineyard in the Hunter Valley (NSW) retrofitted one of 3 existing Carrier Chillers with a Mutlistack MagLev Water Cooled Flooded Chiller. In doing so, they have eliminated all oil from their system and greatly increased efficiencies both at full and part load. Refrigeration can account for 50%-70% of winery electricity consumption, therefore improving the systems efficiency was of considerable interest.
In addition to providing sustainable, documentable high performance with reliability, the MagLev Chiller also offers both short and long term cost saving benefits. Savings have resulted due to reduced service and repair needs since removing the old chiller whilst offering a low total cost of ownership.
The retrofitted MagLev solution offered a dramatic improvement in energy and system monitoring capabilities through its FlexSys control System. The FlexSys controller allowing precise control of multiple Turbocor Compressors in different applications, as well as the ability to customize the I/O to meet the specific needs such as pumps, fans, valves, to name a few.

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Oz-Chill Multi

Posted on 29 March 2016

Oz Chill Multi s a hydrocarbon based refrigerant and is a direct replacement and retrofit refrgeration option for replacing R502, R410a, R22, R404, R407 and R408. Multi operates at a much lower head pressures and offers improved cooling properties and performance compared to R502, R22 etc. 

Used for: 

  • Domestic airconditioning 
  • Commercial airconditioning 
  • Wall plits, ducted systems
  • Roof top packages
  • Industrial cool rooms and freezers
  • Supermarket cool units and displays
  • Refrigerated cabinets and transports 
  • Agracultural chillers and vats 
  • Dairy and wineries 


  • Simple retrofit option 
  • Lower running costs 
  • Lower head pressures reduce load on compressor
  • Less heat at compressor 
  • Only use 30-50% or original charge
  • Environmentally safe 


Before a recent retrofit of a chilled brine tank at Petersons Estate Winery in the Hunter Valley, we notced that there was several attempts at trying to get the Chiller set to run more efficiently. 

This previous work was done with some ingenious air deflection and sir channelling methods in order to try and lower the high head pressure. 

When I was there it was 28 degrees celcius ambient and with all the fans running flat out, the system was struggling to maintain 250psi. "Wow this baby must really struggle with the hot days?" I asked Colin Peterson, who pointed to the hot water hose rolled up next to the chiller and said "yeah we spray it when it get's any hotter than this!".

I then suggested to Colin that we use Oz-Chill's natural and energy efficient refigerant. He was hapy for me to proceed and was looking forward to seeng if there was any difference. 

After the retrofit was complete we switched the unit on and immediately noticed that the compressor running amps were 22% less than prior to starting and the compressor was under full load. Also, the condensor fans were only going half speed to previous (they were fitted with fan speed control) and the air off was cool compared to previous. With a very happy Colin Peterson, we decided this was a success and spoke about converting the two other chiller sets and large package air conditioning plants to hydrocarbons. 

As we started packing up, the condensory fans stopped running. I said to Pete my employee, "stop packing up Pete we have a problem, something's tripped and we have lost the condensor fans!" So we quickly fit our gauges back up and we found that the condensor fans had actually cycled off at 180psi!

What had been a tense few moments then led into a cheer and a beer!


- Richard Popovski REFCA Group Pty Ltd

P.S. Ther larger TRANE Criller set saved 29% compressor running amps and Colin is still smiling! 


The Move Towards Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerants

Posted on 23 March 2016


A large number of refrigeration and air conditioning units in Australia use damaging fluorocarbon refrigerants to enable the transfer of heat.
There is an increasing market for natural alternatives however that can negate some of the environmental impact of HVAC&R units in your home and business.

Substances such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons have been used as refrigerants for many years and we've seen an increase in demand for their uses in other applications where fluorocarbons were previously the preferred option.
Worldwide, there are now an estimated 400 million HC-based refrigerators in use, as well as 1.2 million ice cream freezers and 750,000 soft drink machines.

REFCA Group is committed to striving towards the use of sustainable refrigerants throughout the Hunter.
Consider the following benefits when thinking of switching to hydrocarbon refrigerants:
  • Zero potential for ozone depletion
  • Low global warming potential
  • High-energy efficiency thanks to superior thermodynamic properties
  • Good compatibility with components
  • Low charges allowing smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions

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Australian First Winery Chiller

Oct 18 2016
REFCA Group Australian First saving 60% on running costs Industry experience and a abaility to think out side the square has been the reason...

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