Industry experience and an ability to think outside the square has been the reason REFCA Group Pty Ltd has been able not only to save 60% on running costs but has also changed the way the wine making process and now has been implemented in several other wineries throughout the Hunter Valley wine region.

First Creek Winery, a vineyard in the Hunter Valley (NSW) retrofitted one of 3 existing Carrier Chillers with a Mutlistack MagLev Water Cooled Flooded Chiller. In doing so, they have eliminated all oil from their system and greatly increased efficiencies both at full and part load.

Refrigeration can account for 50%-70% of winery electricity consumption, therefore improving the systems efficiency was of considerable interest.

In addition to providing sustainable, documentable high performance with reliability, the MagLev Chiller install also offers both short and long term cost saving benefits. Savings have resulted due to reduced service and repair needs since removing the old chiller whilst offering a low total cost of ownership.

The retrofitted MagLev solution offered a dramatic improvement in energy and system monitoring capabilities through its FlexSys control System. The FlexSys controller allowing precise control of multiple Turbocor Compressors in different applications, as well as the ability to customize the I/O to meet the specific needs such as pumps, fans, valves, to name a few.