Use For Oz Chill Multi:

  • Domestic air conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Wall pits, ducted systems
  • Roof top packages
  • Industrial cool rooms and freezers
  • Supermarket cool units and displays
  • Refrigerated cabinets and transports
  • Agricultural chillers and vats
  • Dairy and wineries



  • Simple retrofit option
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower head pressures reduce load on compressor
  • Less heat at compressor
  • Only use 30-50% or original charge
  • Environmentally safe


Before a recent retrofit of a chilled brine tank at Petersons Estate Winery in the Hunter Valley, we noticed that there was several attempts at trying to get the Chiller set to run more efficiently.

This previous work was done with some ingenious air deflection and sit channeling methods in order to try and lower and high head pressure.

When I was there it was 28 degrees Celsius ambient and with all the fans running flat out, the system was struggling to maintain 250psi. "Wow this baby must really struggle with the hot days?" I asked Colin Peterson, who pointed to the hot water hose rolled up next to the chiller and said "yeah we spray it when it gets any hotter than this!".

I then suggested to Colin that we use Oz Chill's natural and energy efficient refrigerant. He was happy for me to proceed and was looking forward to seeing if there was any difference.

After the Oz Chill retrofit was complete we switched the unit on and immediately noticed that the compressor running amps were 22% less then prior to starting and the compressor was under full load. Also the condenser fans were only going half speed to previous (they were fitted with fan speed control) and the air off was cool compared to previous. With a very happy Colin Peterson, we decided this was a success and spoke about converting the two other chiller sets and large package air conditioning plants to hydrocarbons.

As we started packing up, the condenser fans stopped running. I said to Pete my employee, "stop packing up Pete we have a problem something's tripped an we have lost the condenser fans!" So we quickly fit our gauges back up and we found that the condenser fans had actually cycled off at 180psi!

What had been a tense few moments then led into a cheer and a beer!

P.S. Their larger TRANE Chiller set saved 29% compressor running amps and Colin is still smiling!